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Chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce subluxation and nerve irritability while increasing range of motion and improving function.

Recover quickly from injury with customized rehabilitation programs that may include exercise, acupuncture, massage and more.

The 4 phase Ideal Protein weight loss program includes one on one coaching to help you successfully shed pounds and keep them off for good.

Laser hair removal helps to not only remove unwanted hair from your body but also helps to prohibit the hair from growing back in the future.

St. Charles IL Chiropractor

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St. Charles IL Chiropractor: At Total Body Health Center, patients are treated to a state-of-the-art facility that is furnished with the latest in alternative health and wellness technologies and equipment. You will be provided the results you deserve with a comprehensive analysis and treatment plan. Chiropractic care focuses on comprehensive wellness, allowing you to help your body heal itself. Holistic techniques have been proven to be vital to a healthy body and mind.

Total Body Health Center understands that each patient has individual needs and ailments. Providing personalized treatment ensures that we will be able to find and eliminate any interference to your nervous system and with steady treatment, realign your spine. This realignment will help to reinvigorate your body and help you achieve optimal health! Many unique services and treatments are offered to our patients including chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, custom weight loss programs, laser hair removal, acupuncture, and massage therapy. See how chiropractic care and wellness therapy can change your life today.

St. Charles IL Chiropractor | Total Body Health Center
Additional Health and Wellness Services

With this relaxing therapy, you can release tension in the muscles and tendons and improve circulation to maximize your chiropractic care.

Acupuncture has been linked to the treatment of many conditions including obesity, anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and more.

Gentle adjustments provide for a safer pregnancy along with the proper growth and development in infants, adolescents and teenagers.

Nutritional counseling combined with Ideal Protein weight loss will have you losing weight, increasing energy and improving your overall health.

Our state-of-the-art sports rehabilitation center will have you back in the game quicker with customized, non-invasive injury treatment programs.

Spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments and physical rehabilitation will non invasively treat whiplash and other auto and work injuries.

We relieve pressure to the sciatic nerve from herniated discs by removing subluxations of the spine with chiropractic adjustments.

Migraine, tension and cluster headache pain is alleviated without medication by adjusting the neck and spine to improve nervous system function.

Custom Foot Orthotics maintain normal positioning of the bones in the foot, ankles and knees leading up to the hips and lower back to alleviate pain.

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Why Choose Total Body Health Center?

Chiropractor in St. Charles IL: Total Body Health Center is a premier chiropractic facility and wellness center focusing on many aspects of holistic therapy. By combining chiropractic care with wellness programs, you will be able to receive comprehensive treatments for most ailments.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe, non-invasive and effective. Total Body Health Center also offers other treatment programs to help you on your journey to wellness. Services offered include chiropractic, nutrition counseling, weight loss and specialized chiropractic techniques. Don’t suffer through spinal or muscular pain.

With gentle adjustments and therapies, you can be on the road to recovery without the cost and pain of prescriptions or surgeries. Every patient will receive a tailored rehabilitation and treatment plan designed with your unique conditions in mind. At Total Body Health, we pride ourselves on getting patients back to doing what they love as quickly as possible.

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Total Body Health Center
453 Dunham Road, St. Charles, IL 60174


What others are saying about Total Body Health Center

In 9 weeks I’ve lost 27 inches!! With the “Ideal Protein” weight loss program. Dr. Seema has been the most amazing coach. If you are looking for a new lifestyle and some weight loss ask Dr. Seema how!!!! Couldn’t thank Total Body Health enough for offering this awesome program!!!
Crystal N., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person
Amazing is the only word I can use to describe how much better I’m feeling after i injured my back at home lifting incorrectly. Dr. Mani evaluated, heated and treated my back I and felt back to normal or better in just 30 minutes!!!
Nick D., Google *Results may vary from person to person
Dr. Mani and Dr. Seema are unbelievably knowledgeable, hospitable, and overall wonderful people. Their business is leading their clients toward a healthy lifestyle with the ability to consider, diagnose, and treat from a variety of different angles: chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, massage, and physical therapy, to name just a few. I can not offer a higher recommendation to Dr. Mani and Dr. Seema – they are outstanding people with a passion for helping others live healthier lifestyles that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in the health field – ever!
Scott B., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person
They’re an amazing team! My entire family is in good hands with total body health!
Kristina J., Google *Results may vary from person to person
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Arun and Dr. Seema for many years. I recommend them to all my friends and relatives.
John Q., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person
They have changed my wrong thinking about health into right thinking. Such a blessing
Gina F., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person
Thank you Seema & Arun! I never would have gotten through my marathon without you! Sciatica was fine during & after! You two work miracles! I’ve been to several practitioners & have never had this level of relief & health. I can’t thank you enough for getting me through my 1st marathon, never thought it was possible before. THANK YOU!!!!
Pam B., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person
We can’t even tell everyone how special Dr Mani is . We have been patients of his for at least 10 yrs an there isn’t anyone better then he is !!!! He feels like a long time friend. If you ever were contemplating seeing a chiropractor, you will never find anyone better then him !!!
Mary M., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person
Dr. Seema is the most amazing person and doctor. She is so passionate about finding solutions for all health problems. I specifically began visiting her for laser hair removal because I’ve suffered from folliculitis which was creating scarring on my legs. Not only has she continued to follow my progress, but she is always thinking and investigating more options that could help me. The treatments were amazingly affordable and successful. Their office offers everything for well-being (yoga, diet, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, aesthetic, etc.) , and the doctors are approachable, available, and trustworthy. I would visit Dr. Seema for most any issue before heading elsewhere now after really getting to know her integrity and intelligence.
Nay B., Yelp *Results may vary from person to person
Awesome clinic and people! High quality care. Definitely recommend!
Melina K., Facebook *Results may vary from person to person

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